The ILTexas Garland High Student Parent Teacher Organization (GHSPTO) is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for students, parents, and educators to support the culture and experiences of students attending International Leadership of Texas Garland High School. The GHSPTO operates as a separate legal organization from the school itself and is governed by an internal Executive Board representing the interests of the voting membership. The GHSPTO seeks to actively promote open and effective communication between students, parents, and staff of ILTexas. Our efforts serve to enhance the sense of community among multiple cultures and nationalities while supporting the high school experience for each student at ILTexas GHS. 

Membership allows teachers to access grant funding to expand opportunities for student learning and experience. The GHSPTO members in turn provide assistance to teachers in classroom setting, fund-raising opportunities to support these direct teacher grants, and support for school and family social interaction. Attendance at the general meeting is open to all and also assures an opportunity for a non-biased forum to share information on issues that impact ILTexas GHS students. It is our belief that the team effort of a Student Parent Teacher Organization (SPTO) offers the best possible supplement to enhance the learning environment for our children.